Two in one

Metal body of the insahAR hookah is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble again. You could make portable version (miniboy AR 1.5) using only top part of the body. This makes the waterpipe convenient for transporting and makes cleaning comfortable.

Hookah insahAR 1.5 Light wood (maple)
Hookah insahAR 1.5 wood miniboy (maple)
Hookah insahAR 1.5 Light wood mix (maple)

Bigger vase

It can hold up to 550ml of water to provide more comfortable and longer smoking without any water heating. Another benefit is bigger vase which is stable and there is less risk of overturning the waterpipe.


Bigger ashtray

Bigger ashtray (Ø 20cm) means less carbon ash around and more comfortable carbon handling. The pressed grooves on the tray also provide slower carbon burns because of less contact with the metal surface.

Metal on metal

A unique hose connection system uses precision metalworking without the need of any silicone seals or o-rings. The big advantage is that you do not have to change the damaged o-rings, and that way you save more money.

Cooling parts

insahAR 1.5 has two cooling elements on a metal shaft, one on the top and the other at the bottom which provides more efficient removal of heat, which prolongs comfortable smoking.

3 Types of wood

Available are 3 types of wood with different colour finishes (ash, alder, maple) and each of them is unique and original.

Vase insahAR semi dark
Vase insahAR dark
Vase insahAR light

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insahAR bowl 1/3 hole

Handmade. Baked at 1150 °C

Bowl insahAR semi dark
Bowl insahAR dark
Bowl insahAR light

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insahAR clam

insahAR clam is made out of a massive, rustproof steel which is cut precisely by laser. Simple design, great durability

Tong insahAR

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