Kaloud Lotus 1+

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Height (cm)                    4,5

Bottom diameter (cm)     7,5

The Kaloud Lotus I+ – a new generation of heat management

When Kaloud introduced its first Lotus heat management product on the market in 2012, it triggered a wave of new discoveries in shisha enjoyment. Today, heat management is a part of any shisha user’s standard accessories. Using heat management makes it easier to manage the hot charcoal and reduces the effort it takes to manipulate the charcoal.

The Kaloud Lotus I+‘s design builds upon the previous model. This newer model also includes new and convenient improvements that will make your shisha experience all the more pleasant. Its subtly modified and slightly more rounded shape allow the Lotus I+ to easily accommodate three large pieces of common charcoal at once. After opening the lid decorated with the Kaloud brand’s logo, you’ll discover a more visible improvement – milled protrusions at the bottom of the management unit prevent the charcoal from dying out thanks to improved air flow

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